Tiny House Communities in the US

Tiny houses have been enjoying an increase in popularity in the US, due to skyrocketing prices of urban houses and apartments, as well as the lingering effects of income inequality and the 2009 Global Financial Crisis. Still, owning or renting a tiny house is still a challenge in many areas of the US. This is why tiny-house-friendly communities are popping up around the US, trying to offer like-minded people a common living space, joint infrastructure, as well as flexibility of living on wheels in tiny houses for sale in pa.

Lemon Cove Village, California

Lemon Cove Village is a RV Park and Tiny House community located in California, near the Sequoia National Park and Kings Canyon National Park. Lemon Cove Village RV Park is located in the small town of Lemon Cove, population 350. It is surrounded by beautiful scenery including mountains, rocks, oak trees, clean fresh air and is just 19 miles east of Visalia. With Kaweah Lake and the Kaweah River only 4 miles away and the town of Three Rivers just 16 miles north, you will find that there is plenty of exciting exploring or relaxation around every corner.

Lemon Cove is mostly geared towards tiny houses on wheels, but offering great facilities that support tiny living. There are 49 lots available for RVs and Tiny Houses equipped with electricity and sanitation infrastructure, grocery store, community garden, community swimming pool and recreation center and laundry room.

Caravan Tiny House Hotel, Oregon

Caravan Tiny House Hotel in Portland, Oregon is touted as the first tiny house hotel of its kind in the US. Even though this is not a permanent residence community, it is still ideal test drive for people who want to try out tiny living. There is a variety of tiny houses to choose from for rent as well as support facilities as well.

What makes this community unique, despite its tiny houses, is a very active social calendar that constantly features events, live music and art, exhibitions and communal events for people staying at the Caravan Tiny House Hotel.

Highland Lake Cove, North Carolina

Highland Lake Cove is a unique housing community based around beautiful and scenic Highland Lake in Flat Rock, North Carolina near Charlotte. The community has a number of constructed cabins and cottages that can be rented or individually owned. The community is geared mostly towards people who are looking for a more quiet living or a place to run away from the city noise.

Since the Highland Lake Cove is near urban areas, there are plenty of things to explore and enjoy while living there. The community itself has an amphitheater for various events and show, community café and convenience store, as well as community garden and recreational facilities that guests can use while they are staying there. It is a great opportunity for potential tiny house owners to explore tiny living before they decide to buy or build their own tiny house.

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